Smart Phones & Security: Keeping Your Home Safe with Technology

Today’s top smart phones pack a wide variety of capabilities—including keeping your home safe.  It may sound like far-fetched, futuristic concept, but thanks to recent technological advancements, it’s possible for virtually every household.  Depending on your budget (and your comfort level with technology), we’ve got a security solution for you.

Option 1:  Smart Doorbells

Unlike a traditional doorbell, which only alerts you to the presence of a visitor, these “smart” varieties offer a lot more features.  Typically, they require a bit more installation to include a tiny video camera, along with speakers and even a microphone.  But then, you’re able to see anyone who comes within a certain range of the door in question—whether or not they ring the doorbell.  You’re also able to engage with them, even if you’re not home!  So, if someone unexpectedly shows up while you’re out running errands, you’ll automatically get an alert on your phone.  From there, you can speak with your visitor or report an unwanted presence to the authorities.  To maximize usage, consider installing multiple smart doorbells to help you monitor any outside entrances to your home.

Option 2:  Security Cameras

Now, these home security staples have been around for a long time.  Over the years, though, they’ve grown more discrete, more affordable, and more user-friendly.  So now, those who were previously overbudget between the equipment costs and the monitoring services can take a second look.

You can find security cameras at virtually any price point, from under $100 to several thousand dollars.  It just depends on your budget and how many you want to install overall.  Typically, you want to place them strategically around your home in high traffic areas.  You can modify the settings to monitor the house differently at times when you’re not present, so you can be alerted to any unusual movements.  With the help of a handy app, you can check on things remotely, tapping into the cameras to see what’s going on for yourself.  If you notice something amiss, many systems come equipped with an alarm you can manually trigger.  Plus, the video footage you’re recording can be used later on, if need be.

Option 3:  Smart Systems

If you really want to transition to a smart household, we can help you with that too.  We offer full packages that combine internal and external devices you can control with a touch of button.  Whether you’re close by or on vacation, if you have cell phone service and/or a wireless internet connection, you can monitor what’s going on at home quickly and easily.

Allow us to give you the benefit of professional monitoring services without going overboard.  At ARM Security Systems, we can assess your needs and work with your budget to provide a solution that allows you to stay involved and feel safe!  We’ve worked with Maryland-based homes and businesses to improve their security for over twenty years.  Call us today to start building a customized system for your life.