Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Technology

September is a tricky time temperature-wise.  Summer’s on its way out and fall’s just around the corner, so some days it feels like we’re alternating between the two seasons!  Rather than let the weather wreak havoc with your home—not to mention your energy bills—consider adding an energy management system this month.

How does it work?

Our systems can easily integrate your thermostat, lights, and other energy uses into one accessible app.  With a smart phone and/or internet access, you can control your devices and minimize your energy output!  As long as you have a modern HVAC system in place (or you’re planning to upgrade soon), we can install our smart thermostat in place of a more traditional one.  Plus, we’re happy to make recommendations for compatible LED lightbulbs as an added benefit to integration.  Once everything’s in place, we can help you navigate the settings, so everything you need is available at the touch of a button.

Well, how does it lower my energy costs?

Did you know that half of the average American energy bill comes from heating and cooling expenses?  Imagine how much you could lower that if you’re able to adjust your thermostat from anywhere!  No more forgetting to turn the temperature up or down on your way out in the morning—only to spend all that extra money regulating an empty house.  No more costly surprises thanks to the weather.  If there’s a drastic temperature shift, simply adjust the thermometer from work.

You can also prevent other people from tampering with your settings.  Get automatic notifications sent straight to your phone when someone at home turns the thermostat either too high or too low.  If it’s a constant battle within your household, you can solve it by locking other users out!  That way, only you have control.

For maximum energy efficiency, you might also want to consider our Smart Schedules.  This automatic setting allows your thermostat to flex its intelligence and show you why we call it “smart.”  Create different settings for different seasons, different days of the week, and even for vacation!  The system can even review your activity patterns to make recommendations for lowering your monthly utility bills.

Is it worth it?

Inevitably, homeowners always ask us this question.  They want to know that our smart system makes sense from both a cost analysis and an ease-of-use perspective.  Well, when you purchase an energy management system from us, you’re not just getting the equipment—you’re getting our support!  So, you can trust that we’ll make it easy for you.

From a price point of view, this system more than pays for itself with consistent energy savings!  You can even set conservation goals for yourself, which our programming will help you achieve.  Learn more about our specific system today and call us for more information on pricing and installation from ARM Security Systems.  Enter fall with peace of mind, and savings on your side!