Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

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Our homes are an extension of our lives. Yours can be customized to the way you and your family interact with your home devices, your preferences and your daily activities. ARM Security Systems offers home automation via Alarm.com or Honeywell TotalConnect solutions.

  • Automate system functions:
    • Save energy and increase security with location-based automation
    • Schedule lights and thermostats based on day and time
    • Secure and monitor access points and perimeter remotely
    • Create smarter proactive alerts with device integration
  • Automate and integrate device control:
    • Control everything with just one touch
    • Adjust multiple devices at once with programmable “scenes”
    • Integrate solutions for locks, lights and thermostats
    • Integrate apps like smartphones, Apple & Amazon TV, Echo and Google Home devices
  • Automate to your routines:
    • Customized triggers via sensors, activity, and time of day
    • Geo-services make your home energy smart and safe while you’re away
    • Insights Engine learns your activity patterns and alerts you of something unusual
  • Working for you 24/7
    Wondering when your teen came home? Did you forget to close the garage door? Your home alarm system can let you know what’s happening at your property at any time.
  • Always, automatically updated
    Your smart home automation technology stays current. We routinely launch new features and functionality, pushed automatically to your devices or app so you’re always innovative and updated.