Protect Your Home from Summer Break-Ins

Did you know that crime rates rise every year during the summer months?  Break-ins, in particular, increase drastically this time of year, but there are steps you can take to protect your home.  By being aware of the risks and adding certain security measures, you can deter would-be burglars and create a safer environment for your family.

Start with your Front Door

Not only is it your main entry way, but it’s also a popular target for burglars.  So, when it comes to beefing up security, here’s where you should begin.  First consider, how visible is your front door?  Do you have tall shrubs or other growth that could easily camouflage someone?  Does your landscaping need a little TLC?  Places that look overgrown or unkempt are more likely to be targeted.  Either they think you’re away or you’re not paying attention to your property.  But, a well-manicured lawn with clear sight lines to the rest of the neighborhood may make potential criminals too conspicuous to follow through with the break-in.

Double Up on Locks

Having multiple locks will slow burglars down, if not deter them altogether.  Statistics say that if perpetrators can’t gain access within one minute, they move on.  So, the more complicated your locks, the harder it’ll be for them to break in quickly. Experts recommend a double locking system of some sort.  So, whether you’ve got the traditional mechanic lock and deadbolt, or you have a combination smart lock system, you’re upgrading your security.  Just remember, in order for any lock to work, you have to remember to use it!

Shed a Little Light

Motion-sensor lights around your property are an effective and inexpensive way to avoid break-ins.  Apart from stealing your stuff, a burglar’s main goal is to avoid getting caught.  A bright floodlight that exposes them while they’re skulking around interferes with that.  So, you should consider installing them around your front door, back door, garage, and any other common entry points you think might be a problem.

Record the Whole Thing

When you add security cameras to the equation, you’re putting another layer of protection around your home.  The mere sight of security cameras may be enough to deter would-be burglars because of their increased effectiveness.  Today, you have so many options, in so many price ranges, that afford you control over your house even when you’re away.  So, whether you choose a model that alerts you to strange activity or opt for another that automatically contacts the authorities, you’re covered.  (Pro Tip:  You can even do both!) For the more budget-conscious homeowner, try adding a few dummy cameras into the mix.  This helps you stay under budget while giving the appearance of higher security.  Just don’t place the real ones strategically and avoid advertising the system you have.  High-tech burglars may use this information to against you.  The could potentially hack into your home and bypass a lot of the features you have in place, especially if you’re with the wrong company.

If there’s been a rash of break-ins around your neighborhood, your home doesn’t have to be affected.  Contact our team at ARM Security Solutions.  We can help recommend the right protective measures for your property and integrate them for easy day-to-day use.  That way, you can enjoy better safety and security and beyond.