Protect Your Business This Season

Whether it’s your busy season or a slow time for your business, consider adding some additional security measures this month.  The holidays can be a hectic time—even without climbing crime rates.  So, don’t take any chances when it comes to your office, staff, or equipment.  Find out how we can help your commercial security today!

Control who has Access—and When

As a business owner, it’s hard for you to be onsite all the time.  You have many demands, many places to be—especially during this time of year.  When you’re out and about, how do you monitor access to your office space, storage area(s), etc.?  Having a few staff members you can trust with keys and codes will help, but that’s hardly a foolproof plan.  Instead, have you thought about remote access?

Today, it’s so much more than being able to control who gets in and out of your commercial space.  Although this technology can be used to lock and unlock doors from virtually anywhere, we can completely customize it for your business.  Unique user codes/cards/fobs for each staff member, vendor, client, etc. will enable them to gain access, even if you’re not there.  But only if you want them to.  It also means you can see exactly who was onsite, when, and for how long.  In the event of a security breach, this provides pivotal insight.  Whether you need to control one access point for a small retail space or hundreds spread out over the country, see what we can create—just for you—at ARM Security Solutions.

Round the Clock Surveillance for the Holidays

It seems like everyone has video surveillance at this point, thanks to the affordability of new technology.  But what works at home is a lot different from what you’ll need for a commercial property.  To tackle the holiday traffic, we generally recommend placing 360-degree cameras in areas that see the most action.  Around entry ways is also a good precaution against unwanted visitors.

All of our equipment is high quality to preserve HD footage, even in low lighting.  While we offer 24/7 monitor services—so you can truly enjoy the holidays away from work—we can send you alerts if there’s a security situation.  But, if you can’t get to it right away, trust that we’ll also alert the proper authorities and securely store the footage for future use.  We don’t rely on just any wi-fi for that either.  We have our own cloud-based hosting, and secure cellular connection to protect your business around the clock.  With all of the features you can access through our systems, you may want to keep these provisions in place, long after this season.

You’ve put so much time and energy into your business.  We wouldn’t dream of doing anything less when it comes to your commercial security!  But everyone needs a break sometime.  Enjoy the holidays this year with the peace of mind that comes with ARM Security Systems solutions!