Porch Pirates in the New Year

Although the holidays may be over, porch pirates are still working hard.  These thieves take advantage of the popularity of online shopping, as well as the absence of many homeowners during the day.  If you can’t be there when your packages are delivered, then consider improving your home security to deter these criminals in the new year.

It Could Happen to Anyone

You might not think porch pirates exist in your neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean they can’t visit.  This is a growing problem driven by opportunism.  All it takes is the right package, and the right timing.  Statistics estimate that nearly 26 million Americans have been affected by this “victimless” crime, with the majority occurring in the suburbs.

Many mistakenly assume that their orders are protected by the company who sent it and/or the people who delivered it—but that’s not always the case.  So, we’re seeing a trend where people alter their shopping habits and/or their schedules to limit the risk.  Have you ever left work or a social event to intercept your package after getting a delivery notification?  Have you ever changed the destination of your shipment because you didn’t trust the security of your home or neighborhood?  Well, there’s another alternative.

Catch Them in the Act

Fortunately, there are a number of security solutions in place that can help you cut down on the risk of porch pirates.  If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be there (in-person) during delivery, consider installing a sensitive doorbell camera.  Most packages are picked up right off the front porch, so having the technology to monitor that specific area anytime can deter potential thieves.  Our doorbell cameras use motion sensors to let you know when someone’s within range—even remotely.  So, you can see who’s there and interact with them through the two-way voice controls.

Although knowing they’ve been caught may not deter the most determined porch pirates, you’ll at least have video footage of the crime that you can pass along to local law authorities.  Plus, ARM Security Systems have a dedicated cellular connection that put you in touch with emergency services immediately—any time, day or night.  Consider sounding the alarm yourself with the built-in siren feature!

If better home security is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then contact our team today.  Make porch pirates, and other criminals, think twice about targeting your home in 2019.