Pet Safety & Security Tips for the Summer

Technology has made it easier than ever to keep the people you love safe. But what about your pets? The unpredictability of animal minds requires love, patience, and a little creativity to keep them healthy and happy. But with the right tools and knowledge, you can watch out for your pets even while you’re away. Pet parenting is full of unique challenges, but you’re not alone!  At ARM Security Systems, we want to help you keep your furry family safe.  Just watch out for the following:

What Not to Eat

Most pet lovers know about common animal poisons, like chocolate and antifreeze. But there are a lot of lesser-known poisons that are equally dangerous!  And you might have some sitting around the house right now. Lilies are extremely toxic to cats. The artificial sweetener xylitol is a health risk for dogs. Onions can make both dogs and cats sick with only a small amount. While we’re not suggesting that you get rid of these household items altogether, we recommend that you be careful and know what’s up. Before adopting a pet, check what might endanger them accidentally.  Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, etc.  Each species has its own set of needs, as well as its own set of risks.    Here’s a list of some of the most common poisons in recent years.   Because knowing what can harm your animals helps you better ensure their safety and security.

A Step Further with Security Cameras

Getting rid of pet poisons is only part of the solution. There are many everyday household items that can hurt your animals in unusual circumstances. Although we know how much you want to protect them, you can’t really get rid of everything you own!  Instead, try keeping tabs on your pets. If you don’t see what’s wrong, you can’t help.

Security cameras are a great way to monitor your home security, but they’re also fantastic for pet owners!  You can use them to check on your furry (or scaly) friends while you’re at work, out with friends, or even on vacation. They can be particularly comforting for people with shy animals.  We know some pets, like cats, snakes, and lizards, prefer or even need hiding places to feel happy and secure. You can let them choose their hiding places—so long as you know where they like to go! We’re happy to install cameras close by that allow you to check on them at your convenience.

Outside Your Control?

You can use the advice above for keeping pets safe inside your house, but what if they’re outdoor pets? What if you want to keep an eye on them while they’re with a dog-walker or pet-sitter? There are plenty of options for fencing, from chain-link to wood to Invisible Fence, that will keep your dog(s) in designated areas. Cats are a bit harder to corral, but you can always work with them to keep them contained. If your animal isn’t microchipped, ask your veterinarian about taking this extra security step.  Then, be sure to update the information on it regularly as it changes. Although this may not prevent them from wandering off, it can help them return home to safety as quickly as possible.

Have you considered getting a full security system?  ARM Security Systems’ technology allows you to access these controls and many more remotely.  As long as you have an internet connection, you’re able to monitor the safety and security of your pets.  With access control, you can let the dog-walker or a family member in without having a leave behind a key. Tap into your inside and outside security cameras remotely, and create special time-limited codes for every visitor. We take pride in meeting the needs of every customer and keeping your family secure—pets included!