Prepare your Home (Security) for Halloween

Millions of Americans look forward to Halloween every year—and who can blame them?  This holiday has it all:  fun costumes, over-the-top decorations, and tons of candy!  Still, half of the trick-or-treating tradition involves the key word “trick.”  So, as you prepare to welcome guests this holiday season, make sure you also take the time to double-check your security.

A Little Mood Lighting

Sure, spooky lights and smoke machines set the tone for trick-or-treating, but they also create opportunities for vandalism.  You can certainly add a little Halloween flair, as long as you keep your walkways illuminated.  Any spotlights you have in place should remain operational, especially the motion-activated models.  And if you don’t have any now, consider adding some before the holiday!  Pay particular attention to the area around your garage and any dark corners on the property that could potentially attract pranksters.

Stock Up on Candy

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without that!  If you’re participating in your neighborhood’s trick-or-treat, let people know.  Whether that means leaving your light on or placing a sign in your front yard, it’s best to make it obvious.  Don’t forget to clear a path and ensure your steps/walkway are all secure, so everyone can easily make it to the candy.  If you’re considering just leaving a bowl out, rather than answering the door for each trick-or-treater, you may want to rethink that.  This free-for-all can attract the wrong crowd and inspire tricksters once it’s empty.  Plus, you’ll miss seeing all the costumes!

Set Your Security System

Whether you’re going out for the holiday or staying in, this is one step you should never skip!  We can help you put plenty of precautions in place from video doorbells to security cameras to smart locks and more.  But, they have to be on and fully operational to protect your home.  It’s a good idea to conduct regular inspections and test your equipment.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, call us!  One of our technicians can come out to help you prepare.  Be sure to ask about our monitoring services, too.  While many of these security features give you the option to get alerts and monitor the feed yourself, it never hurts to have a little backup.

Don’t forget to take care of your low-tech security while you’re at it.  Lock your doors, windows, and vehicles throughout the night.  Be more cautious about answering the door once your neighborhood’s set hours for trick-or-treating are over.  This is often the time when older, more rambunctious pranksters come out.  And, last but not least, remember to have fun!  That’s what a security system is all about, after all.  At ARM Security Systems, we protect your home, so you can enjoy yourself on Halloween with complete peace of mind.  If you need a little help with some of these steps, don’t hesitate to contact us!