Home Energy Management for Spring

As the seasons change, and you switch from heating to air conditioning at home, it’s the perfect time to install an energy management system. Even changing your daily habits for energy use can save you hundreds of dollars each month!  By lowering your utility bills, you gain more control of your money.  Plus, you contribute to the eco-friendly movement overall!  To help, here are a list of effective tips, products, and life-hacks to help you increase your home energy efficiency.

Let There Be Light!

…Or not. Lighting costs make up on average 12% of utility bills. When not using a room, we recommend turning off the lights. As the days get longer in the next few months, you can take advantage of more natural light. Also, replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs will allow you to save on electricity and get brighter lighting.  Don’t forget to ask about our home energy management smart systems!  We have options that will allow you to turn your lights off remotely—in case you forget.  Better yet, try our personalized Smart Schedules that adjust the lighting for you.  These measures make energy efficiency easy!

Wash & Dry Differently

Did you know there was a green approach to washing and drying your clothing?  Try to wash your clothes in cold water, if possible. Most of the energy a washing machine consumes is used to heat up the water. To keep this setting efficient, you may need to switch to a detergent specially formulated for cold water. It seems small, but this technique can save you a couple hundred dollars a year on your utility bills! To dry clothes with better energy efficiency, consider line-drying or turning on the moisture detector setting on the dryer.

In the Kitchen…

You can save money by changing how you use just about any appliance. Try modifying your dishwasher’s dry cycle from heated dry to air dry to reduce power usage. Remember to keep your refrigerator and freezer as full as possible without overloading.  This may sound strange, but freezers actually function better when they’re filled with things—thanks to the built-in temperature controls. We’re not suggesting that you overstock your kitchen though.

For those with a second refrigerator or freezer, now’s a great time to reevaluate the contents.  Depending on how much you have, you may even be able to condense the items into your primary one.  Allowing you to turn the backup off completely and save even more! Finally, when cooking in the oven, avoid opening the door unless absolutely necessary. The average oven loses 25 degrees of heat every time the door opens, forcing it to use more energy.  Not to mention, it’ll counteract your air conditioning as temperatures increase.

Heating & Cooling

These expenses make up about half of your home’s utility bills each month.   So, targeting potential problems is essential to energy management.  Start by sealing cracks, gaps, leaks, and holes around your windows, doors, and vents. Add insulation to your house where it may be lacking. When combined with caulking, this step can save you up to 10% on temperature-related utility bills!

Another smart trick is to buy and install a ceiling fan to use during the upcoming warmer months. If the ceiling fan is on, the thermostat can be turned up by 4 degrees without reducing your comfort at all! And every degree makes a difference.  Which is why smart systems are becoming so popular.

They allow you to adjust the thermostat from virtually anywhere!  After all, there’s an app for that.  We have options today that even use real-time local weather data to adjust indoor temperatures for you.  When it’s this easy to save energy without sacrificing comfort, why wouldn’t you?  For more information on how to save energy and money with a smart thermostat, contact ARM Security Systems today.  We’re happy to provide you with the ability to reduce energy use while remaining comfortable!  It goes to our overall goal of providing local homeowners with peace of mind.