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Protect Your Business This Season

Protect Your Business This Season Whether it’s your busy season or a slow time for your business, consider adding some additional security measures this month.  The holidays can be a hectic time—even without climbing crime rates.  So, don’t take any chances when it comes to your office, staff, or equipment.  Find out how we can help your commercial security today! Control who has Access—and When As a business owner, it’s hard for you to be onsite all the time.  You have many demands, many places to be—especially during this time of year.  When you’re out and about, how do you monitor access to your office space, storage area(s), etc.?  Having a few staff members you can trust with keys and codes will help, but that’s hardly a foolproof plan.  Instead, have you thought about remote access? Today, it’s so much more than being able to control who gets in and out of your commercial space.  Although this technology can be... Read more

Is your commercial security state-of-the-art?

Is your commercial security state-of-the-art? Crime data from Neighborhood Scout indicate the chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Maryland is 1 in 43, below the national median. And yet more than 30% of business failures can be traced to crime, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. Good reason to be certain your security and surveillance system is up to date. Especially for large commercial enterprises like shopping malls, apartment complexes, universities or other multi-building commercial complexes, the need for reliable security has taken on new importance in these modern times. Maybe you’ve experienced a break-in of some sort or the instance of crime has increased in your neighborhood. Maybe it’s time to take your security to the next level. So how do you know when you need a security update? Answer these questions: How old is your current alarm system? If your current system assuming you have one) is more... Read more