Energy management

Run your business more efficiently with energy management tools. Save money and stay comfortable with customizations and location-based automation established from your activity patterns. Energy management is controlled from one central hub.

  • Reduce energy use without compromising comfort
  • Control lights and thermostats over web or smart phone
  • Email and text alerts inform you of thermostat changes
  • Optimize energy usage with personalized Smart Schedules™

Experience these energy features:

  • Smarter Energy Savings
    Connect thermostats and lighting to your security system for smart planning. Set conservation and savings goals.
  • Automatic Savings
    Manage usage with automated schedules. Create easy rules for smart automation based on system activity. Set seasonal, shift or holiday rules.
  • Lock-Out and Alerts
    Stay in control of your energy settings. Set notifications if the thermostat is adjusted or the temperature is too high or too low. Enable a local lock-out so others can’t adjust the thermostat.
  • Extreme Temperatures
    Avoid overpaying for energy on extremely hot or cold days using real-time local weather data to adjust your temperature settings.
  • Mobile Control
    Control your devices from your app or any computer while you’re away. Monitor water management, sump pump usage, detect leaks or flooding from your smart phone, with remote shut-off valve capability.
  • Dedicated Connection uses a tamper-resistant cellular connection, dedicated solely to your security system. This signaling technology is reliable, and works even if your phone line, cable, broadband and power are down.
  • Always, automatically updated
    Your smart technology stays current. We routinely launch new features and functionality, pushed automatically to your devices or app so you’re always innovative and updated.