Improve Your Commercial Security with Access Control

You’ve invested so much time, effort, and talent into your business.  Why risk that by compromising your commercial security? The unfortunate truth is that businesses face higher risks from break-ins and theft.  In the aftermath, your company can lose money, customer information, confidential data, important tools, and community trust. On top of the sheer property damage these crimes can cause. With access control, you can gain peace of mind about your business’s safety.  That way, you can spend your time on more important things, like serving customers and expanding!

Connected Security

Today, we have many innovative ways to improve your commercial security.  Although tried-and-true features, like bright motion sensor lights, can deter opportunistic criminals.  Consider adding a few extra precautions, such as security cameras and control access, for additional protection.  CCTV cameras provide continuous high-quality footage of both interior and exterior areas.  Whether you have someone on-site watching for suspicious activity or you decide to use our professional monitoring services, you’ll be able to use stored footage later in legal proceeding. At ARM Security Systems, our cameras and motion-sensing lights are specifically designed to work together with access control.  Not only does this enable them to perform better, but it gives you total security both inside and outside your business.

If you’re not familiar with access control, this feature allows you identify and monitor who enters your commercial property.  This includes vehicles as well as individuals.  You can even deny access to unauthorized visitors (or criminals) thanks to this extra security measure.  Choose how you’d like your staff and other authorized personnel to have access.  Whether that’s with access cards, fobs, or individualized codes.  You may also want to add an intercom system that allows you to communicate with people on the premises remotely.  Although this doesn’t replace all physical safety precautions, it’ll certainly make maintaining your commercial security faster and more effective.

The Tough Stuff

Of course, you can also prevent certain crimes by making them more physically difficult. Try keeping your doors, windows, and entry points as strong as possible. Just locking them is likely not enough to deter an aggressive thief with a crowbar. If you understand common methods of breaking and entering, you can safeguard your business against these tactics.

Doors locks are especially vulnerable to knowledgeable pickers.  Thieves may also kick in unreinforced door frames or smash through the centers of flimsier doors. Windows can obviously be shattered or otherwise tampered with. To fix these weaknesses, invest in stronger materials like solid wood doors, windows with metal grills, and more durable locks. In fact, there’s a number of ways to reinforce the entry points of a business.  If none of these general options work for you, contact us for a custom solution to protect your commercial security.

Stay Up to Date

Give employees access to everything they need to do a great job. You can enable, change, or cancel an individual’s access to specific areas in just minutes with help from ARM Security Systems!  No matter what you’re looking for, the quick response time and flexibility of our staff and technology allows us to stand out from the crowd.  Plus, we specialize in customized security solutions, with all the benefits you need and nothing you don’t. We take pride in treating our customers like family and building good relationships. Please contact us; we’ll be happy to give you a free quote!