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Is your commercial security state-of-the-art?

Is your commercial security state-of-the-art? Crime data from Neighborhood Scout indicate the chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Maryland is 1 in 43, below the national median. And yet more than 30% of business failures can be traced to crime, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. Good reason to be certain your security and surveillance system is up to date. Especially for large commercial enterprises like shopping malls, apartment complexes, universities or other multi-building commercial complexes, the need for reliable security has taken on new importance in these modern times. Maybe you’ve experienced a break-in of some sort or the instance of crime has increased in your neighborhood. Maybe it’s time to take your security to the next level. So how do you know when you need a security update? Answer these questions: How old is your current alarm system? If your current system assuming you have one) is more... Read more

Smart home security and how to choose the right solution

Smart home security and how to choose the right solution Home security systems can range from fire and burglary alarms, door and window entry alarms, internal and external video monitoring systems, to complete home automation systems. What are the key home security considerations to help you determine which solution is right for you? Home security considerations: 1) Wireless vs. Hardwired? Most systems these days are hybrids of some sort but it’s good to consider how much equipment much be hard-wired and installed into your home versus less intrusive wireless solutions. As technologies change, so will the long-term viability of your solution. Also, some systems can be impacted by loss of power or loss of internet connection. 2) Standard Alarm vs Smart Home? With most advanced systems you can connect and control almost anything in your home from a smart phone app. But, how much is too much? Which functionality features will you actually use?... Read more

How to make your home safer NOW with little dough

How to make your home safer NOW with little dough Taking steps to secure your home is a prudent step in a risky world. We might like to think we can fully trust our neighborhood but reality suggests that might not be the case. So, what can you do? Installing and using a reliable burglary and fire alarm solution is a great start. But there are also things you can do right now with little investment. 1. Think deterrence Is your mail secure? Consider a lockable model, especially if you have bills and bank statements mailed to your home and you are generally away for the bulk of the day. Windows and doors? If these are easily accessible, consider placing dowels in your window tracks and sliding doors. Perhaps invest in secondary locks, or gated doors. Make your windows less accessible with planter boxes or shrubbery. Make a routine of checking doors and windows each night before bed and again each morning before leaving home. Can’t afford... Read more